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1 hr and 9 minutes, compatible with the U.S., Canadian, & European formats.

This innovative video production presents unique insights about homebirthing from the point of view of dads who have already experienced it. In this video a cross section of dads candidly answer questions about their concerns and considerations. Men considering home birth rarely have the opportunity to ask other men about their experiences, this video bridges that gap and allows you to get the answers that you are seeking from the comfort of your home. The perfect video for anyone considering a home birth.

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Questions asked on the Video:

1. Whose idea was it to have a homebirth?
2. What did you know about homebirth?
3. Does insurance cover homebirth?
4. What did your families think about your decision of a homebirth?
5. What did your friends & co-workers think about homebirth?
6. What was your role during the birth?
7. When did the labor start?
8. Was the labor & birth what you expected it to be?
9. What did you realize about your partner?
10. Did you ever think that you’d have to transfer to the hospital?
11. How did you decide on a midwife?
12. Where did the birth take place?
13. Is homebirth messy?
14. Who caught the baby?
15. Who cut the cord?
16. Do you recommend homebirth?
17. Did you feel well prepared?
18. Was there a standout moment?

Other subjects mentioned on this video

19. Is homebirth safe?
20. Who can you have at the birth?
21. Is homebirth safe?
22. How many of your children were born at home?
23. Siblings present?
24. Water births.

Special thanks to our group of interviewees for sharing their experiences with us, to the Professionals who gave us their reviews and everyone who contributed with us on this project!


Matt Braun - Museum Director
Craig Higgins - University Administrator
Jamie Loehr MD - OB/GYN
Matthew Sanaker - Bricklayer
Eammon Murphy - Massage Therapist
Oscar Walters - Social Worker

Reviews given by:

Penny Simkin - PT, & Author
Heidi Rinehart, MD -- OB/GYN
Rudy Fedrizzi, MD - OB/GYN

Christopher Collins - Dad with daughter on front cover & website
Sue Sheerer, True Life Photography - Cover photo
Gary Hodges, Jon Ries Photography - Backside photo

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Homebirth Dads - The Dad's Perspective on Homebirthing

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"Jorge T. Cuevas's Homebirth Dads: The Dad's Perspective on Homebirthing is a unique DVD that features fathers sharing their thoughts and feelings ....more
Melissa Chianta is Mothering's managing editor. "

Thinking about having a home birth? Watching this DVD is like sitting with a group of experienced home birth fathers...more Penny Simkin, PT, author of The Birth Partner: A Complete Guide to Childbirth for Dads, Doulas, and All Other Birth Companions (3rd Edition)

“Thanks for sharing your video with us! We appreciated the intimate interviews with homebirth dad's...We recommend this video to families considering birth at home”
Heidi Rinehart, MD and Rudy Fedrizzi, MD - OB/GYN's and homebirth parents


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