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Homebirth Dads - The Dad's Perspective on Homebirthing

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The perfect video introducing dads/partners to the basics about homebirth - from the dad's perspective. When a family considers having a homebirth, it is rare for the dad to have another experienced dad to talk to. In this video a cross section of dads candidly answer questions about their concerns and considerations.

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Mothering Magazine July / August issue '08
"Jorge T. Cuevas's Homebirth Dads: The Dad's Perspective on Homebirthing is a unique DVD that features fathers sharing their thoughts and feelings about homebirth, addressing such issues as safety, cost, their role in birth, and their feelings about their partners. Authentic and informative, its just-for-dads perspective makes it a welcome addition to childbirth media.
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“Thinking about having a home birth? Watching this DVD is like sitting with a group of experienced home birth fathers, each with his unique perspective on the questions that most men have regarding home birth and becoming a father." .... more

“Thanks for sharing your video with us! We appreciated the intimate interviews with homebirth dad's from different backgrounds and perspectives. While obviously supportive of homebirth, these fathers honored the intensely personal nature of childbearing decisions. "
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